Herald of Truth Media


Since its beginning in 1952, Herald of Truth has used technology such as radio to broadcast the Good News across the world. We will be providing 30-second and 60-second radio spots for local churches to use to invite people to their own congregations to hear the story of Jesus.

We also use radio worldwide. We broadcast in several countries in Central America. You can check out Lea La Biblia for more information.


The Herald of Truth used television and video to tell the story of Jesus for many years. We will be providing TV spots and videos free for you to use at any time. Check back soon as we will populate this area with quality videos you can use to help share the story of Jesus.


We have several books offerings for you to purchase. Click here to see the books you can purchase.

Bible Studies

Two different Bible studies are available for download. The first is Discovering Jesus, and the study comes with both lessons and response sheets. The second study available called Life Made New has eight different downloadable lessons. You can download the Bible studies here.


You can download several different booklets on forgiveness, evangelism, finding answers, the church body, Jesus and more. Find the booklet downloads here.

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