Herald of Truth Programs

What We Have to Offer

There are several programs and seminars that Herald of Truth has to offer.

The programs are designed to help local churches.

Whether your church is trying to stay alive or your church is vibrant but wants to reach deeper into your community, we can help. Want to learn how you can be better at evangelism? Want to grow your church spiritually?

Contact Herald of Truth President Greg Swindle for more information.

Church 911

This new project links the  resources of Herald of Truth with the  struggling local church to form a relationship that together will identify factors that have held the church from growing. As facilitators working along side the leadership and members, the staff of Herald of Truth will conduct several action steps designed to reveal and produce strategies the local church will implement and practice in their quest to become spiritually healthy. The intended outcome of the Herald of Truth’s involvement is to assist the church to a point of stability, at which it can function without outside support. We want the church to establish a Biblical identity of itself with Hope, Energy, Life and Purpose while producing a fresh connection with its local community members.

Project 354

This new ministry is designed for the spiritually healthy church that has no real direction or evangelism plan. The project provides a way forward to position the church for effective sustained evangelism in its own community for generations to come. Because sharing Jesus requires a spiritual relationship rather than a script or program, the 3-5-4 project is a natural process that will transform a church from the inside out as an Acts 2 church.     

Task Force 6

Through this new ministry, the Herald of Truth will provide evangelistic resources, direction and experience so local congregations can better serve six growing, yet often overlooked, groups of individuals in any community today: the Blind and Deaf, Arabic/Muslim, Refugees, Hispanic/Spanish, Native Americans and the  American prison population.

What can you do?

First, we invite you to join us in prayer. Pray that we can do the Lord’s will as we work to evangelize His world.

Second, be evangelists. Share the story of Jesus!

Next, take this information to your home congregations for your congregational leaders to see what Herald of Truth is doing to evangelize, equip and encourage. We need partners. We need people and churches who are dedicated to spreading the Gospel to the lost.

Finally, you can help Herald of Truth reach millions of people with just a few dollars. Just .08 cents will help share the gospel with one individual. So for the cost of an extra value meal at your favorite fast food restaurant, you could help reach more than 100 people who need to hear the story of Jesus.