International Evangelism

Working around the World

The Herald of Truth is passionate about telling the story of Jesus around the world. For many years, the Herald of Truth has coordinated with mission works in foreign lands, and today, we are working directly in Cuba, Spain, Africa and Central America. We combine our efforts with local churches in these areas to share the Gospel and make disciples.

We conduct international campaigns, partner with local congregations and host other events that help reach the lost. We have sent Bibles in different languages all over the world so people can read the story of Jesus for themselves.

The Great Commission was given to the followers of Jesus to go into all the world and share the story of the Savior. It’s a life-changing story. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to hear about the salvation offered through our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Herald of Truth has been working in Cuba since 1995. Tony Fernández leads our outreach there, working with radio contacts across the island and planting new churches in the province of Matanzas. Responses to our programs number in the hundreds each months, and Tony faithfully delivers Bibles and biblical studies to all those who ask.

Great things are happening there (including more church plants), and we ask that you join us in supporting those sharing the story of Jesus in Cuba!

Central America

In 2018, Herald of Truth printed and distributed over 200,000 pieces of literature in Central America. We conducted campaigns in Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama. And our radio program Lea La Biblia is heard Monday through Friday in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and our multiple websites in Spanish give us a continuous presence throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Our regional coordinator, Bruno Valle, tirelessly directs our efforts throughout Central America and beyond. Great things are happening. Our evangelism efforts in Central America are bearing fruit. Praise God!


Moses Khombe Banda coordinates our works in Southeastern Africa, focusing his efforts among the Chichewa people in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. Evangelistic campaigns have proven to be highly effective in this area, even in the predominantly Muslim areas. People in Africa are getting the chance to hear the life-changing story. With your help, even more people could hear and be changed for good!

Juan Monroy

For decades, people all over the world have heard the name Juan Monroy. This passionate evangelist continues to travel the world, telling people the good news of Jesus Christ. Throughout Europe and Latin America, Juan tells us that Christians are able to stand up against persecution because they believe in the Savior.

What great news! People are hearing the story of Jesus and are dedicating their life to the Savior…no matter the cost!

What can you do?

First, we invite you to join us in prayer. Pray that the church plants, the multitudes of baptisms, the people standing for their faith and the churches that are working with the people who are eager to hear the Good News.

Next, take this information to your home congregations for your congregational leaders to see what Herald of Truth is doing to evangelize, equip and encourage. We need partners. We need people and churches who are dedicated to spreading the Gospel to the lost.

Finally, you can help Herald of Truth reach millions of people with just a few dollars. For the cost of an extra value meal at your favorite fast food restaurant, you could help reach people with a spiritual hunger to hear the story of Jesus.